About Us

Making more data informed decisions improves results.

Sustainable growth is grounded in making consistent business decisions. We are focused equipping our clients with the tools, resources, and training needed to make data informed decisions.

Marrying Creativity with Logic

Data tells a story of what happened, what is currently happening, and what might happen. Media Heavy takes our clients from knowing "what" happened to understanding "why" an event happened.

An influx of creativity/content creates a saturated market (Red Ocean) and keeping the attention of their audience is becoming more difficult. This is where turning your d.l, a business intelligence and data analytics company steps in to create pockets of Blue Ocean (unique advantage in saturated markets/red oceans) for your organization. Once you gain the attention and interests of your audience, it is important to leverage logic to transition them into making a decision and making a decision. Once you understand "why" something has happened, is happening, or might happen, you are more than likely able to duplicate the outcome.

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Data reporting and visualization

Clear visualizations have provided our clients with information not only describing who and where there target audience exists but also why they make current and future decisions.

Web Development

Responsive websites that are fun, friendly and functional. Have a website that reflects who you as a company. We deliver websites that begin with the trends we gain from your target audience and respective industry.

Data Governance

Creating a data governance plan to ensures your data is accurate and as clean as possible prior to transformation and eventually, integration in engaging and interactive dashboards.

Data Quality Management

Identifying data anomalies and outliers while creating data profiles, after cleansing and validating data points.

Data reporting & Visualization

Interactive and engaging dashboards that assist with provide rich insights.

Financial Analytics

Monitoring revenue, expenses, and profitabibilt by indentify trends and opportunities, comparing year over year growth, establishing KPIs (key performance indicators)

Founder's Story | Seann N. Alexander

"I have realized a need to deliver business intelligence and analytical services to organizations that will benefit tremendously. This includes small to mid-size organizations, that have a great product/service, independen artists that need to increase their reach strategically, and influencers that have a following that need to increase their conversion rate.

It is my goal to not only deliver services, but also create a community within organizations that begin to see data as for exactly what it is, which is their greatest resource that is trying to paint a picture or tell a story of, 1) where they were, 2) where they are, 3) where they could be going.""