Business Intelligence & Analytics

Bridging the gap between "what" happened with "how" & why" it happened

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Providing Business Intelligence and Analytics services allows us to deliver the best of both worlds to our clients. While rich and interactive dashboards are important, drilling down deeper and across multiple datasets truly tell a complete story that not only shows what happened and how it about but most important, why it happened.


  • Detailed Discovery Plan
  • Exploring Visualization Tools
  • Creating Dashboard & Report List
  • Outlining KPIs & Goals
  • Developing Project Plan

Dashboards & Visualizations

  • Data Quality Status
  • ETL(Extracting, Loading & Transforming)
  • Developing Prototype & Design
  • Feedback & Adjustment
  • Creating User Guides & Training Videos

Data Analytics

  • Statical Analysis - "What?"
  • Identifying Trends - "When & How?"
  • Analysis -"Why?"
  • Recommendations, Reports & Storytelling
  • Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios

A Cohesive Data Process

Delivering Value & Solutions

By only working with a few clients at once, we have been able to give a more cohesive experience through our data solutions.

Data reporting and visualization

Clear visualizations have provided our clients with information not only describing who and where there target audience exists but also why they make current and future decisions.

ETL\ELT Processes

Extracting, loading, and transforming data from various data source while establishing relationships between datasets that help our client navigate through dashboards and insights with ease.

Data Governance

Creating a data governance plan to ensures your data is accurate and as clean as possible prior to transformation and eventually, integration in engaging and interactive dashboards.

Data Quality Management

Identifying data anomalies and outliers while creating data profiles, after cleansing and validating data points.

Data reporting & Visualization

Interactive and engaging dashboards that assist with provide rich insights.

Financial Analytics

Monitoring revenue, expenses, and profitability by indentifying trends and opportunities, comparing year over year growth, establishing KPIs (key performance indicators)

Dashboards & reports that make data fun.

We understand that reading through various reports and dashboards could seem mundane and boring. That is why, when we create, we are very specific with our designs, which tend to be more minimalistic and simple. Each dashboard or report we create, is designed with the end user/audience in mind. Your reports should be exciting because they represent your organization. Your dashboards should be engaging and alive, telling a story where you travel between the, 1) when, 2) what, 3), 4) who and most importantly, 5) why.

In addition, all our dashboards perform as they should. Each calculation, formula, and custom column is reviewed by our team and our clients to ensure that they align with your business goals and objectives.

We Use Some of the best software available

Visualization & Analytics Tools

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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the industry leading spreadsheet software program, a powerful data visualization and analysis tool.

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Microsoft Power BI

An industry leading software used to bridge the gap between data and decision making through reports and dashboards.

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Looker Studio

Formerly Google Data Studio, an online tool for creating customizable reports and dashboards filled with rich visualizations.

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A visualization & analytics platform that empowers organizations to see and understand data through rich visualizations.