Mobilizing Your Audience

Be Heard, Be Seen, Be Felt

Creative Industry Analytics & Reports

Creativity gains attention and interest from your audience. Our business Intelligence helps your audience make a decision and take action!

YouTube Analytics

Our dashboards and metrics take it a step further. With a dynamic Youtube Dashboards and monthly summaries that help our creative clients strengthen their relationship with their following/fans.

DSP Streaming Dashboard

Why do people listen to your music. Dive deeper into the patterns and behaviors of your monthly listeners to take your podcast/music career to the next level.

Audience Segmentation

A well segmented audience increasing your engagement and conversions with the main reason being, individuals receive content that is important to them.

Email Marketing Analysis

Create well defined segments within your email list can drastically improve your open and click rate. Email marketing dashboards that we create turns information into actionable steps you can take to increase revenue consistently.

Website Analytics Dashboard

A focused dashboard that shows donor behavior such as clicks, engagement, and more. Our dashboard delivers a unique experience pair with heatmaps and more, that tell the entire story of their website.

Text Messaging/SMS

After we create well defined segments within your audience, the next step will be leverage existing data to create a text messaging plan to increase engagement.

Advancing Creatives, Influencers, & Artists with Data

Go beyond what is seen at the surface level with and dig deeper into insights, trends and pattern that help accomplish your creative goals. Connect with your fans at various levels.

Donor Behavior Begins With Data

Analytics Increase Impact

Taking nonprofit organizations on a journey that brings more clarity as to why donors give to their organization. The better our clients understand their donors and key indicators, the more can able to accomplish.

Measure Your Influence

Our dashboards and reports will establish metrics for you to gauge your influence. Metrics that our clients use to do more than just grow their following, metrics that can be used to establish deeper bond with your current audience, with the ability to engage, re-engage, and have them serve as echoing mouthpiece for your content, songs, podcasts, shows, and more.

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