Revealing Insights & Identifying Trends

Data informed decisions allow our clients to compete, increase their efficiency and margins, make better projections, and achieve sustainable growth. This is accomplished by us understanding your unique business needs and challenges, then creating tailored made dashboards, reports, and summaries that provide insights that your competitors are either using or overlooking.

Business Intelligence


Who We Serve

Small & Mid-Size Organizations

Large organizations such as Netflix, Amazon, and more understand data is their most important resource and turn their data into information to assist with decision making to increase their revenue. We deliver the same advantage to smaller organizations.

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Creative Industry

Artists, musicians, influencers, athletes, and others in the creative industry are great at gain attention. Analytics and business intelligence services transform attention into bookings, sales, merch revenue, and showing them the best demographics/regions to target.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Increasing the percent of each dollar raised increases the impact non-profit organizations make and as a result, their donors increase their donation size. Our non-profit package that focuses on fundraising, donor behavior, expenses, and donor segmentation.

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Making more data informed decisions improves results.

Sustainable growth is grounded in making consistent business decisions. We are a consulting and strategy companies that focuses equipping our clients with the tools need to make data informed decisions. Our services are geared towards businesses that are playing the long game that are seeking services that aid with logic (data services) as well as services that provide creative services(video production, photography, web design).

Data reporting and visualization

Clear visualizations have provided our clients with information not only describing who and where there target audience exists but also why they make current and future decisions.

Web Development

Responsive websites that are fun, friendly and functional. Have a website that reflects who you as a company. We deliver websites that begin with the trends we gain from your target audience and respective industry.

Data Governance

Creating a data governanace plan to ensures your data is accurate and as clean as possible prior to transformation and eventually, integration in engaging and interactive dashboards.

Data Quality Management

Identifying data anomalies and outliers while creating data profiles, after cleansing and validating data points.

Data reporting & Visualization

Interactive and engaging dashboards that assist with provide rich insights.

Financial Analytics

Monitoring revenue, expenses, and profitability by indentifying trends and opportunities, comparing year over year growth, establishing KPIs (key performance indicators)

Mission Statement

Founded in 2023, we assist clients with achieving sustainable growth by making more data informed decisions. We understand the way data is viewed needs to change people to see data for what it is. A representation of society, a reflection of society's behavior, each calculation is an outcome, each KPI is a target and collectively, our services reveal insights and identify trends that help our clients achieve their purpose.

Client Focused Process

We will create, manager, execute, and implement your next marketing plan.









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