Business Intelligence & Analytics

Providing Business Intelligence and Analytics services allows us to deliver the best of both worlds to our clients. While rich and interactive dashboards are important, drilling down deeper and across multiple datasets truly tell a complete story that not only shows what happened and how it about but most important, why it happened.

Data reporting and visualization

Clear visualizations have provided our clients with information not only describing who and where there target audience exists but also why they make current and future decisions.

ETL\ELT Processes

Extracting, loading, and transforming data from various data source while establishing relationships between datasets that help our client navigate through dashboards and insights with ease.

Data Governance

Creating a data governanace plan to ensures your data is accurate and as clean as possible prior to transformation and eventually, integration in engaging and interactive dashboards.

Data Quality Management

Identifying data anomalies and outliers while creating data profiles, after cleansing and validating data points.

Data reporting & Visualization

interactive and engaging dashboards that assist with provide rich insights.

Financial Analytics

Monitoring revenue, expenses, and profitabibilt by indentify trends and opportunities, comparing year over year growth, establishing KPIs (key performance indicators)

Proven Track Record

Client Case Studies

Real world organizations leveraging data to make more informed decisions.

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How Data Analytics Helped Create This Video

Non-profit organizations operately extremely efficiently and over the year analytics has becoming a huge factor to help them make better decisions. This video campaign was geared towards giving genrating momemtum for giving Tuesday. In this use case, we also present various data point for

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Data and Music

As more musicians seek to create space between their creative genius and large record labels. To help with this movement, leveraging data that is readily availabe will be a crucial chess piece. The first step is to identify all their data sources which includes YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, iTunes and more. Once those are identified we will then...

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